AB Crown Security Ltd.

Security is everyone’s concern… but it’s our business.

Are you currently looking for security services for your business?

Calgary owned and operated, AB Crown Security Ltd., provides a wide range of reliable, effective and economical security services. Our onsite guards and mobile patrol services can be customized to fit your needs, regardless of the size of your business, home, warehouse, yard, contraction site, office, apartment/condos building, dealership and/or any other establishment. Three key elements of an effective onsite security service include knowledgeable security staff, excellent customer support and reliable technology. There are a number of approaches that can be taken to establish a defense plan for your site. Our security consultants at AB Crown Security Ltd. specialize in an array of different industries and regulations. We’ll help you decide which combination of different security services to employ by surveying your current setup and identifying potential threats.

Should you require security services now or in the near future, please consider contacting AB Crown Security Ltd. to discuss your security needs. AB Crown Security Ltd., provides competitive rates with outstanding service and we look forward to hearing from you.

AB Crown Security Ltd.

Phone: 1-587-887-7040


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